August 1, 2012

Facebook Blur Magazine page has been hacked. Please, report it!!

My dear friends and readers of Blur Magazine.

Unfortunately, Facebook Blur Magazine page has been hacked. I am removed as admin of the page, and unknown hacker is blackmailing me with selling of Blur Magazine page.
Although I have made several reports to Facebook, they are ignoring me. I am suggested (by some friends with similar experience) to send this kind of note to all my friends, and ask them to do next:
Please, go to Facebook Blur Magazine page and report hacking of that page. Big amount of reports might resolve that Facebook admins act and take this problem more serious that they are now.

I am very grateful for every report you send.


Dear friends, the most important thing is to send info about hacing my page direct to facebook, and you can do it by:
–    Go to Facebook Blur Magazine page, on the right side from “message” icon, on a wheel choose “Send Feedback”
–    Under “pick one” choose “I’m visiting page”
–    Choose option “i want to report an issue with pages”
–    And then copy/paste next text:

SUBJECT: this page is stolen from real owner

MESSAGE: My friend Robert Gojevic (http://www.facebook.com/robert.gojevic) is the real owner of FB page Blur Magazine: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blur-Magazine/116486566463 He is Founder, Editor in chief & Art Director of blur-magazine.com

The page is stolen from him. Hacker who stole the page is blackmailing him and trying to sell the page.