Issue 23

September / October / November 2011

Cover photo: Sacha Goldberger
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CLOSE-UP | Jaime Ibarra, Spain
 | Sacha Goldberger, France
 | Jacqueline Roberts, Germany
 | Dan Isaac Wallin, Sweden
PLAYSTICK | Jennifer Shaw, USA
ANALOG WABI SABI | Nagano Toyokazu, Japan
TETRA | Lionel Orriols, France
OPEN | Franjo Bahovec, Croatia
PROEYECT | Paolo Roversi, Italy

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BLUR no. 23

September / October / November 2011

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our e-zine dedicated to creative photography.

While launching BLUR several years ago, I was guided by the idea of creating a magazine focusing only on stunning, high-impact photography regardless of photographic technique and on its creators, the photographers. My intention was to use BLUR as a response to current photographic hyper-production and through it to encourage readers to reflect more on the images and to experience photography more profoundly. Today, I’m glad to work with an international team of editors and collaborators who voluntarily support BLUR’s mission of promoting creative photography worldwide. Together, we use the free distribution advantages of the Internet to reach readers in more than 195 countries and to present to them the inspirational work of both prominent artists as well as less-known, but very talented, photographers from around the world.

I invite you to join us and enjoy the diversity of creative photography.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief


Jaime Ibarra, Spain


„The colors in my work are the same colors I have felt a connection with my entire life. (…) In my case, I “hear” colors, almost as if they were musical notes. Combinations of colors are like combinations of notes and become chords. And just as in music, some chords are dissonant and tense, and some chords are complex and beautiful. In my work—more or less—I just choose colors that make the nicest music together.“


Sacha Goldberger, France


Mamika is the continuation of the love story Sacha always had with his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother, Frederika (Mamika means “my little grandmother” in Hungarian). Frederika was born in Budapest 20 years before World War II. During the war, she risked her own life to courageously save the lives of 11 people. A survivor of Nazi and Communist regimes, she illegally immigrated to France, leaving behind all of her belongings. Five years ago, with the aim of cheering up his grandmother, Sacha suggested they shoot a series of unique photographs.


Jacqueline Roberts, Germany


Making ambrotypes is almost like a ceremony; children usually remain posed and calm, almost solemn. The set-up, the framing, the focus—it is all part of a magical process that captures children’s imagination. They seem to grasp the unique nature of collodion, and that gives a sense of occasion to the whole process.“


Dan Isaac Wallin, Sweden


„I’m trying to freeze a world that I feel I belong in myself, a dreamy melancholic feeling, where my mind often ends up. I return a lot to my roots, and many of my pictures are from journeys I took as a child; from the blue of Sweden, to the black and white desert landscapes of Israel. My pictures are, for me, a reflection on the human need for silence and reflection. Far away are the quick impressions and the daily stress of everyday life, leaving only our original values, roots, and tranquility. What is more elementary then the sea, the mountains, and the earth?“


Jennifer Shaw, USA


„Nature/Nurture is really about me “blissing out” on natural wonders – bugs, plants, minutia, both living and not. It’s about looking, finding, collecting and cataloging.“


Nagano Toyokazu, Japan


„When I started, I was taking photos with a camera in order to keep family memories, but I now take photos to create family memories. Therefore, I do not take photos of my family’s facial expressions during everyday moments, or of their natural movements. I take photos by creating fictional scenes after setting up a certain theme in advance and then thinking about what kind of pose would be interesting.“


Lionel Orriols, France


„My focus goes onto nature, ephemeral moments and the footprints of the human being on our nature. Long exposures associated with Black and White allow me to create timeless images, between reality and imagination. An oneiric vision, sometimes dark, it’s a wide mix of personal feelings that I try to reveal by writing with the light.“


Franjo Bahovec, Croatia


“In this last installment, Photo Gallery Lang and BLUR magazine are pleased to present the intimate side of Franjo Bahovec, this unique amateur from Samobor, who, through his all-encompassing interest in the medium of photography at the beginning of the 20th century, contributed so much to Croatian photographic heritage. (…) As the fine lady in Bahovec’s photos has exposed herself in the privacy of the home, Bahovec’s photos remained practically untouched for almost a hundred years, stored solely in the emotional memory of the subject and the object.”


Paolo Roversi, Italy


„I don’t care if the print is digital or analog; what disturbs me is that you can’t touch photographs anymore. I don’t like that. I don’t like images floating on the screen; they look very different from those on paper. For me, a photograph is an object that you should hold in your hand to look at.“


Various authors

BLUR Issue 23

September / October / November 2011
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  2. Dongarbabu | Saibal Gupta | http://fineart-portugal.com/saibal gupta | India
  3. Mencari Nafkah | Marthony Mandra | http://www.flickr.com/photos/knox_wade | Indonesia
  4. Entombent of christ | Alex Sharp | http://sharpimages.yolasite.com | USA
  5. Lonely in your nightmare | Carmen Gonzalez | http://www.carmengonzalez.org | The Netherlands
  6. The evil inside | Fabrizio Tedde | http://brixart.deviantart.com | Italy
  7. My last show is over | Karlo Čargonja | Croatia
  8. Karolina | Marcin Matyja | http://marcinmatyja.pl | Poland
  9. Across The Golden Gate | Adrian Davis | http://www.adriandavisphotography.com | USA
  10. No man’s land | Eric Frey | http://www.wix.com/ericfrey/ericfreyphoto | France
  11. Seaside | Phoenix Tse | http://www.lomography.com/homes/phoenix1206 | UK
  12. Traveling with Mum | Max Buriak | http://maiak-photo.com | USA
  13. Grown Out | Peco Kolchkoski | http://peco.fotolom.info | Macedonia
  14. Paula | Lili Zaneta | Croatia
  15. Still Waiting | Andrius Mulvinskas | Lithuania
  16. Can’t live Without | Vaidas Bradauskas | http://vaidasbradauskas.daportfolio.com | Lithuania
  17. Friendship | Mindaugas Navickas | http://www.fotomindo.eu | Lithuania
  18. Quietly | Greta Diciunaite | http://www.behance.net/gretadite/frame | Lithuania
  19. *** |Gintare Dainelyte | http://www.flickr.com/photos/39092558@N04/ | Lithuania
  20. Under the shadow of storks | Serge Bouvet | http://sergebouvet.com/blog/ | France
  21. Laughter | Saibal Gupta | http://humansaibal.fineart-portugal.com | India
  22. Final sky | Salvatore Insana | http://salvinsa.blogspot.com | Italy
  23. And All That Could Have Been | Sam Long | http://www.samlongphotography.com | UK
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