Issue 50

August / September 2016

Cover photo: Nicolas Guérin
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Pages: 201

Featured artists: 
Nicolas Guérin, France
Christopher Reuter, Germany
Zhou Han Shun, Singapore
Bastian Kalous, Germany
Susan Burnstine, USA
Sylvain Entressangle, France
Robert Michael Brandstaetter, Austria
Michael Jantzen, USA
Alexandra Shanovich, Russia

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BLUR no. 50

August / September 2016

The moment has arrived—BLUR 50 is OUT! Years have flown by and, in the meantime, an incredible number of things have changed. We could list the changes, but why do that when the passion for photography remains the same: People still photograph, and people still like to see good pictures. So, we move forward, but with changes.

It seemed to me—I don’t know how many years ago—that it would be nice for BLUR to have various sections, defined, with their names and logos neatly organized. Today, after so many years, I want to simplify things, to make BLUR airy, without much philosophizing, without any frames or limitations.

As always, we will select interesting artists using various techniques and addressing a variety of topics, but without classification. It’s no surprise that some sections represent more photographers than others, and our readers may be interested in some sections more than others—which is completely logical. While we will continue to follow with great interest those small, alternative groups and the photographic scene surrounding them, we believe the editorial focus should be on quality, not on filling columns. There is no reason we cannot publish two, or maybe three, projects using the same or similar technique if they are interesting and have real quality. At the same time, we will not be bothered if at any given time we don’t have a quality representative of a now-former section.

Such a restructuring requires changes, including changes to our website. I’m not convinced that we will manage to align it all at the same time, so please understand and have patience with us—please don’t forget, everything we do is on a volunteer basis, and our team is surprisingly small.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief




„I came into contact with photography at 15-years-old when I fell in love, and I wanted to keep moments of her. It was from the very beginning as an amateur deeply connected to my own emotions. I shoot people I love, and I love the people I shoot. I guess I have the ability to look at people with indulgence and try to show their best side. As long I can choose my subjects, of course; I am not talking about assignments here, but personal works. My desires are really connected to my visions, and the more I watch, the more I love. I’ve always felt this way, but it took me 15 more years to decide to work as a professional photographer. For years I felt good being an amateur … The amateur is literally the one who loves.”




„I had the idea of shooting some interesting characters lying on the ground, as I just had no opportunity to shoot in a professional studio or anything. So I arranged everything at home in my little living room, between tables and my TV.“




„To say life moves fast in a city is an understatement. From daily commuting to eating lunches to causal conversations, people go through life in an uncompromising and chaotic pace. Everyone—from the rich to the poor, the fortunate and the unfortunate, the young and the old—moves through the city like a chaotic mass, overcoming and absorbing anything in their path.“




„For a few years now I have been walking through woods, over hills, mountains and valleys, and drive the car from south to north and back, from left to right and home again. During this time I found out that I am just a small part of this beautiful ensemble.“




„With this body of work, as with my former series, I captured these visions entirely in-camera using a collection of hand-made film cameras and lenses that are frequently unpredictable and technically challenging. The cameras are primarily made out of plastic, vintage camera parts and random household objects, and the single-element lenses are molded out of plastic and rubber. Learning to overcome their extensive limitations has required me to rely on instinct and intuition—the same tools that are key when trusting in the unseen.“




“‘Dermis’ is a collective Unclear Picture Project. The photographs are accompanied by Michel Maurel’s poems and music. They seek to suspend the inner breath with a thought in three verses and a repetitive melody superimposing rhythmic elements.”




“Working in photography for 25 years, I’ve touched lots of technologies and techniques, formats and lenses, people and places. My first love was analog, of course. Then I dived deep into the digital age, tasted all its possibilities only to now rediscover photography as a process of raw art. Collodion-based photography to me is a challenge, a craft that requires experience, patience and contemplation. I indulge in the task of not taking, but rather making, a picture. It’s a different state of mind—a counter-revolutionary act in a mega-pixeled society.”




“‘Shrinking’ is a series of photomontages that were made with a digital camera and a computer. Various people and/or objects were photographed and placed into a computer, where they were isolated from the original scene they were in. The people and/or objects were then copied, reduced in size, pasted over the original image, and reduced and copied again and again until the original isolated image was very small relative to it’s original form, and the entire new form drastically changed.“




„Shanovich’s creative approach mixes traditional and alternative printing methods, such as cyanotype and lith print, but her favorite is the pinhole.“


Various authors

BLUR Issue 50

August / September 2016
  1. Alejandro Vega Ortiz | Chile | www.artefoto.cl
  2. Oriol Jolonch | Spain | www.orioljolonch.net
  3. Andreas Varro | Sweden | www.itsvarro.com
  4. Artem Kudryashov | Russia | http://www.ambrotypos.com
  5. Cristian Sallai | Romania | www.cristian-sallai.com
  6. Cristian Luis Valverde Sandoval | Peru | https://www.behance.net/cristianvalverde
  7. Mario Scialbini | Italy
  8. Isabella Bubola | Croatia | http://isabellabubola.com
  9. Joanna Kolasa | Poland | www.photorganic.pl
  10. Lisa Fontaine | UK | http://lofontaine.wix.com/lisafontaine
  11. Mariya Tatarnikova | Russia | http://mariyatatarnikova.com
  12. Melinda Fox | USA | http://www.foxphotographypa.com
  13. Pooyan Shadpoor |  Iran  | http://pooyanshadpoor.ir
  14. Qingjian Meng | USA | http://qingjianmeng.com
  15. Rafael Aguiar | Brazil
  16. Sara Cucè | UK | http://cucesara.wix.com/memories
  17. Anna Psy ARTist | Netherlands | https://www.facebook.com/feeltheenchantment
  18. Boldeanu Luiza Elena | Romania | http://luiza-boldeanu-photography.com
  19. Anna McNaught | USA | www.amcnaught.com
  20. Bec Gladwell | Australia | http://becgladwell.com.au
  21. Cristina Venedict | Romania | www.photo.cristinavenedict.ro
  22. Leah VanHoose | USA | www.findingbeautiful.net
  23. Maxime Besse | France | www.maximebesse.com
  24. Carrie Hampton | USA | www.carriehampton.com