Issue 52

December 2016 / January 2017

Cover photo: Jim McHugh
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Pages: 235

Featured artists:
Jim McHugh, USA
Stefan Fröhlich, Germany
Jady Bates, USA
Svitlana Myslyvets, Ukraine
Katarzyna Nizinkiewicz, Poland
Kicia Randagia, Poland
Daniel Řeřicha, Czech Republic
Szymon Barylski, Poland
Bruno Santos, Brazil
Marco Sconocchia, Italy
Luisa Nolasco, Brazil
Fran Forman, USA

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BLUR no. 52

December / January 2016

What is so attractive about photography at a time when so many people are taking photos? Is there a simple answer to this question? I ask myself this question whenever I see photos that are no good, especially when there are a lot of them in one place. Maybe it’s because of the simplicity, because it is so easy to take photos today—to the point that we ask ourselves what’s wrong with anyone who isn’t taking them?

We receive a lot of pictures in our inbox, and this makes me immensely happy, at least until I review them all. I could write a lot about it, but there is no point when we know that it wouldn’t change anything. Therefore, the most important thing of all is that we draw a positive conclusion.

After giving it a little though—because of limited time—the only thing that came to mind is that great pictures stand out in a crowd of average ones, and my job is to separate them and then publish them in BLUR magazine. Does BLUR satisfy all tastes? Of course not, otherwise I would not make any selections, but would publish all submitted photos.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief


United States


„If the subject warrants it, I always try to get something special for myself. People Magazine is the most difficult for that because you are trying to get so much, so many different situations and animated activities in a very short time. People Magazine requires such a high-octane “lead opener” style photograph that it’s difficult to give up time to pursue much else. Architectural Digest and other such publications offered more brief moment opportunities for experimenting.

Samuel Jackson’s Polaroid portrait was shot at the end of an Architectural Digest cover shoot. The Polaroid T55 image of Dennis Hopper was made while shooting a color magazine ad for Punch Cigars in his get-away painting studio in North Carolina. Because of the adventurous celebrity ad campaign—we had already won several Addy Awards—Punch could have selected the artier B&W Polaroid anyway. Time was not wasted. That’s where a Speed Graphic is handy; you can shoot quickly. The Grammy Awards also offered a great opportunity for Polaroid T55 imagery; their very forward-thinking marketing director, Rob Senn, even welcomed it.”




„I’ve mainly been working with people for whom modeling is only a hobby and gaining their trust in trying something new, being comfortable enough to actually enjoy the experience of posing nude. And when they’re happy after receiving the finished shots we did together, it is a great feeling and enrichment for my work as an aspiring artist.“


United States


„Through the journey to love oneself, we are fearful and angry as well as exalted and light. “As within, so without.” This outer reflection of love impacts other people around us. This is the most direct way of changing the world. Find compassion. Be bold. Be revolutionary. Love yourself.“




„What inspires me? Simple things—an interesting film, a new dress, nature, etc. Because photography for me—a source of relaxation, and pinhole photography, the magic, I rarely involve other people in the process of shooting. I shoot self-portraits, sometimes my husband, some friends. My husband often assists me. The wide latitude of capabilities in pinhole photography gives great scope for experimentation. So, knowing her idiosyncrasies and disadvantages, you can create something special.“




„In my photography I try to capture the very delicate relationship between humans and Nature. I am not thinking about the material world, but about our mentality, our hopes, all that is atavistic, what’s almost forgotten, surprising.“




“Scelte” is a doublelife, the double life of Siria: my daughter. Divided between two countries, Poland and Italy. Divided between two totally different worlds, a rural village in Poland and a metropolis like Rome. Not many children have the same luck of Syria, to live two very different realities. Choices will and must be made, and she will do it, but for now she is hanging in the balance and enjoys both the realities of her life.”


Czech Republic


“If I had to classify myself into an exact category, I am definitely a landscape photographer. Landscape was always a passion for me, but recently I realize that classic color landscape photography looks complicated and orderless to me. It is this realization that has brought me to black and white photography, which contains a much simpler and easily definable vision.”




“Photography is my passion, which I continually develop. I am involved in documentary photography and photo essays. For me, photographing is a tool for exploring and learning about the world. I try to tell a story and show it directly. In my opinion, people are an inexhaustible topic and a source of inspiration.”




„A little bathroom in the back of my studio has incredible light. The kind of walls and the size of the place make it special. Each photo shoot was finished there. It was the height!

The models were regular women, not professional models, each with their own body type, way of life, and perception of life.“




„My purpose is to explore the “alienation” of the biggest city in the U.K through the paradoxical influence between the “new,” busy, chaotic city is growing up and the quiet desperate feeling you may feel during the night: Chaotic, industrial, crowded frames, and the people around mixed together to express a distorted view that (may) goes straight to the viewer as a punch.“




„While walking around food markets in Peru, the women were the predominant character. Sewing, cooking, selling, they were all there. Despite the vivid colors of their clothes, there was a rather dark atmosphere. One look was enough to show how strong these women are. They come early in the morning to open their stalls. They put everything in place and wait for customers. By the end of the day, it is time to wrap everything up in a big colorful cloth because on the next morning they will be there again.“


United States


„I’m caught by life’s discrepancies between the conventional and the unknown. And I’m drawn to the paradoxes and contradictions in our everyday lives. I try to make connections between discontinuity and chance encounters, crafting some semblance of order out of the chaos and random events that truly govern us all, despite our inclination and obsessive need to assume there is a natural harmony in the universe.“


Various authors

BLUR Issue 52

December / January 2016
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  6. Gregory Brown | United Kingdom | http://www.gregorybrownphotography.com/
  7. Jürgen Baumhauer | Germany | https://j-baumhauer.de
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