Issue 56

August / September 2017

Cover photo: Alan Ross
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Pages: 221

Featured artists:

Alan Ross, United States

Melis Manav, Turkey

Paolo Barretta, Italy

Isabel Curdes, Denmark/Germany

Jennifer Schlesinger, United States

Julia Beyer, Germany

Inga Dinga, Lithuania

Eva Fazzari,United States

Diane Vo Ngoc, France

Cedric Brion, Belgium

Dima Zharov, Russia

Kirill Buryak, United States

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BLUR no. 56

August / September 2017


United States


“My fascination with photography actually goes back to when I was about 5 or 6. I can remember looking at some drugstore contact prints from my father’s Rolleicord and wondering how my grandfather’s white shirt could be black on the negative, but white again on the print. I decided there must be some special ink that was poured over the film. The ink would go through the clear spots, making blacks, black, but the ink couldn’t get through the black shirt on the film, so it was white on the paper. I just couldn’t figure out what kind of ink went from the shirt, into the camera and then onto the film! It seemed like magic to my 6-year-old mind.”




“I shoot my photos in nature as a location a lot because nature is where I return to as a consequence of my feelings. That’s where I go when I feel alone, when I want to relax, and it’s where I always enjoy myself. I feel a strong connection to it, both physically and spiritually. I also use nature in my photos as a symbol of the environment where I try to adapt myself. That’s why I sometimes mimic it with my body language in my photos or try to become a part of it while expressing my emotions.”




“I am the kind of person who always trys to find new truths, so I developed the project slowly, traveling and discovering with my camera all the small things I found, from the sunrises to my cold emptiness. The project has been developed over five months during my travels around Italy, and I chose to photograph the unusual places where I found “a static expectation.”




„In my work I want to show the beauty and magic of the world that lies just beyond reality. It is the world that most of us visit as kids in our daydreams, where we build our castles, go on adventures, solve riddles—where we can be whatever we want to be. It was also the place I escaped to when I needed to be alone, whenever reality was too overwhelming. But when I grew up I was told to forget about this place, to lock the doors and, after a while, I forgot …“


United States


„As I observe my young daughter’s craving for imagination, I see the potential in that creativity and how it could be harnessed to make positive changes for the world. Children have the candid imagination to entertain themselves effortlessly for pure play and invention. In between the adult reality and the purely imaginative one is the magic. The magic is the inexplicable place that lies somewhere between here and there. It is the mystery of the unknown that enchants humans into believing in any given religion or any spiritual path. For humans, it is this mystery that leads to curiosity, which can be the impetus to bring forth solutions and innovations for healing the Earth’s future. The images in this series are my interpretations of these initial magical, mysterious moments of inspiration. These images are influenced by literature, folklore, invention, and reality as well as the unexplained and the curious. They cannot be attributed to any one given place—they are here nor there.“




“I took the first photo of the series “Hands All Over Me” in early 2016, without the deliberate intent of it becoming an actual series. I had this hand pose and makeup in mind and shot this photo with round frame film by accident—mostly because I wanted to shoot in black and white and had this film on hand from an “expired bag” that the Impossible Project was selling back then. I imagined that it would possibly enhance the motif I had in mind, but I wasn’t prepared to actually love the aesthetics. So I soon realized that I was onto something. I slowly began to expand the series and explore various themes within this context. Immersing into this series forced me to wrap my head around the meta level of my subject—my hands. So I ended up outlining the concept for myself with the following words: The haptic is the earliest sense developed before we are even born, and it is the last one that leaves us. A single touch can change everything. Our hands are able to create and to destroy.”




“Inga Dinga is a freelance photographer and former lawyer living in Vilnius, Lithuania. Besides her commercial photography work, she likes playing with different vintage and pinhole cameras when making her photos. Inga has so far participated in more than 50 different exhibitions, contests, editions, and projects around the world in countries such as Lithuania, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, France, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, USA, and Australia. She has also taught at photography festivals, biennials, and workshops.”


United States


“Freeway chronicles the three-day, 3,000-mile journey of rescue dogs and people between Alabama and Maine. Accompanying Grateful Doggies—Canine Freedom Transport, I photograph dogs previously abandoned, seized, or surrendered, some from shelters practicing gas chamber euthanasia. Once quarantined and vetted, up to 100 dogs are transported to rescue groups and adoptive homes each week.”




“Though fragile in appearance, the paper, even if it deteriorates, can be preserved as archives. Each handmade paper is unique; sometimes adorned with discrete ingredients and sometimes with different hues and shades. Moreover, each paper represents the humanitarian mission of acting for the development of fair trade. It also depicts the inheritance of technique imparted through generations. The intention of Diane Vo Ngoc was to “write” stories of costumes on handmade paper, to marry the photographs of the traditional costumes of one country with the paper from the same origin.”




“For this series of portraits my photographic work incorporates and blends different images and exhibitions to disturb the viewer and let their imagination take over.”




“Kolya Afanasyev is one of those people with infantile cerebral paralysis who lives an active and eventful life. He recently turned 36, and he has been into power lifting for half a year. For the last month, he has been preparing for his first competition, working out every second day. On December 18, 2016, he won first prize, third among all athletes with musculoskeletal disabilities in Nevsky District Power Lifting Cup.

In addition to power lifting, Kolya has been horseback riding for seven years. His accomplishments in equestrian sport are way more significant and include countless awards from competitions of all sorts. Once a week, he goes by train to Pavlovsk.”


United States


Editorial: Parallax Photographer: Kirill Buryak San Francisco, USA Model: Victoria N. Hair & makeup artist: Eugeniya Lomeyko Make-up-artist-Eugeniya-Lomeyko Fashion designer: Altana Danzhalova Retoucher: Darya Zagornaya


Various authors

BLUR Issue 56

August / September 2017
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