Issue 57

October / November 2017

Cover photo: Renée Jacobs
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Pages: 244

Featured artists:

Renée Jacobs, USA

Anup Shah, UK

David Ellingsen, Canada

Krunoslav Večenaj, Croatia

Lori Vrba, USA

Marjaana Turakka, Finland

Natasha Adrastea, Croatia

Marco Ponzianelli, Italy

Petra Gyermán, Hungary

Lorenzo Mancini, Belgium

Natalia Osmolovskaya, Canada

Victor Perrotti, United States

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BLUR no. 57

October / November 2017


United States


For me, it’s absolutely foundational to find out about my model’s comfort zone and fantasies. I don’t ever want to push a model out of her comfort zone—but I do want to find out what her erotic zone is—her fantasies, her desires. Eroticism is such a charged word. For me, it’s like the blinding light on a summer day. You can’t possibly truly see it or explain it. It’s the essence of who we are—all of our senses, intelligence, and emotions, all in an infinite impossible-to-define package. The fact that so many women have helped me to see their eroticism has helped me understand and appreciate my own.




“I have known the land called Mara for a long period of time during which I have grown to love it and to feel for its wild animals. Here, wild animals routinely migrate in search of water and food. First, influenced by Cartier-Bresson and Avedon, I simply set down in photographs what I felt about this movement. Using a close, intimate point of view as well as a consistent format, I waited and waited for the key moments. Then I determined to frame my response as a visual series hoping to show motion in survival.”




“I began to make photographs themed on conservation early in my career, but when the British Petroleum oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, the deepening decline of the environment began to haunt my mind. Using some of my last supply of Polaroid’s extirpated Type 55PN film and drawing on the historical darkroom processes of Man Ray and the botanical studies of Karl Blossfeldt, I was compelled to create a response to the ravages of human activity on the natural world.”




„I have found photography as a medium to transfer feelings and moods or to tell a story of a man who is seeking answers to existential questions, while fighting loneliness and old age. This opportunity to dig deep and do research into the essence of humanity and purpose through photography is occupying me more and more, and this is how I see my future development.“


United States


This series explores the ever-present internal tension and the external visual sensitivity of my own full, complicated, difficult and rich life. On a technical note … I am old school. I don’t use Photoshop or any digital manipulation. I occasionally use my own prints as a backdrop or stage for a new image or story. All of my work is captured with medium format film. I process, print, and tone in my home darkroom.




“My love for photography was born again a few years ago. However, digital cameras didn’t give me the same joy and excitement I had experienced as a teenager in the darkroom. I decided to study photography at an institute with access to old-fashioned darkrooms. There I became finally obsessed with analog photography. During one of the courses, we constructed our own pinhole cameras, and the instructor created a camera obscura in the studio to demonstrate the concept. We filmed on paper negatives, trying different distances and exposure times, and my own tea can camera worked very well. The pinhole was made in the lid of a yogurt can.”




“Referencing romanticism and scattering symbolic gestures and artifacts throughout the frame, Adrastea develops narratives that do not follow logical criteria, but are rooted in a subjective reality that invites the viewer to make new personal associations. At this crossroads between fiction and reality, well-known tropes merge and meanings shift through the artist’s lens. Past and present fuse to intimate the pictorialism of the early twentieth century.”




“Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by an atypical mental functioning that mostly persists throughout life. The ASD are caused by an altered biologically brain maturation and appear in the first few years of life. Children and people with autism or ASD are often closed, isolated in their own world and have great difficulty interacting with others. Autism affects about one child in every 68, and males are more affected than females. There are no differences in its frequency among various ethnic groups or social conditions, and it is the most frequent cause of disability.”




“You can’t always trust what you see. The human eye is susceptible to illusions, whether they occur naturally or are manipulated by the camera. In my photo project, I made self-portraits, and the photographs serve as representations of my emotions. Self-portraits can be regarded as mirrors that can talk about us. Through this technique, we can learn a lot about ourselves and helps us to understand our relationship with the outer world and ourselves. Self-portraiture helped me to understand and rediscover myself when I was lost between worlds.”




“At a time when the eye is bombarded by excessively retouched imagery and is conditioned to only perceive the dramatic, I invite you to appreciate the authenticity of my photos by tempting to suggest a return to the basics. I do this as a lover of truth.”




“The selected images are composed as “city crossovers,” inspired by my obsession with travelling. I love re-imagining the cities’ favorite spots all stitched into one place. It gives me a chance to relive my travels while still being home in Toronto. I came up with the idea when I came back from one of my trips, getting the vacation blues, and not knowing when I’ll get to travel next. Next thing I knew, I was creating these little images on a daily basis to remind myself of the adventures I’ve had and also picturing what it would be like to see them in my home city.”


United States


“Forms, both man-made and natural, have a way of drawing me into examining place. There is idyllic beauty that is easily identified in nature. But with circumspection, beauty can also be found in the neglected structures of man. There exists a beautiful melancholy in man-made forms that have outlived their function. Form no longer follows function. Weathering and decay are elevated on par with the pristine. Through a pinhole I capture this range of beauty and create space within which to contemplate one’s existence. My primary engine is a propensity to wander, a pinhole camera and Tri-X film.”


Various authors

BLUR Issue 57

October / November 2017
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