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Blur Gallery is a section in which we try to widen our horizons by crossing the boundaries of themes we’ve emphasized in BLUR during the past few years. This section will host street, documentary, concert, experimental, and other types of photography, and even photo manipulation. The creative approach is still the most important aspect in choosing photographers, but we will show preference for those who could be described as “different.”

Submit your work

Submit up to two of your best photos through our form below to enter our editorial review process that selects a total of 20 to 40 photos for publication in the upcoming issue of BLUR.

These photos can be of any category and any theme, they don’t have to represent a series or a diptych (but they can!), you can send us whatever you want – providing it fits the artistic criteria evident throughout our website and publications.

In a nutshell, BLUR Gallery is a collection of randomly selected awesome photography. Every month we select 20 to 30 photos without any rules of theme, technique or style and present to you the best of the best we found out there.

RESOLUTION | all photos are published in 72 dpi, 1500 pixels at the photo’s longest side, without watermarks and frames. COLOR PROFILE | photos must be in RGB. We never change the color profile and do not process incoming images. We publish them just as we have received them from you. PHOTO FORMAT | all photos must be JPEG or PNG encoded.

BLUR is a magazine which respects the authors, their creativity and their copyright as important aspects in our promotion of photographic art. The author does not in any way release or give up their copyright by publication in BLUR magazine, neither will their photos be used for any other purpose except for publication in the magazine and the promotional materials related to the magazine (YouTube clips, Facebook announcements, etc.). Any other possible use of the material is first discussed with the author on a case-by-case basis, and is subject to the author’s prior written approval.

Other than being published in our PDF magazine, some photos might appear as BLUR promotional material on our Facebook page, in our promotional YouTube videos, in our online digital previews (ISSU) and other similar channels. Some photos may be re-used for special or print editions. All such use is directed solely to advertise BLUR magazine and reach wider audiences for your art. Additionally, your photo never appears without your artist information (except sometimes in the YouTube video due to production/editing reasons).

BLUR Gallery

Submission of stand-alone photography to be published in BLUR magazine
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, .
    1. Choose up to 2 files for upload. Total submission size must be smaller than 10 MB.
    2. The longer edge of the photo must be at least 1500px long (for example, 1500x1500px square, 800x1500px portrait or a 1500x500px panorama)
    3. The photo must have at least 72 dpi of resolution
    4. The photo must not be watermarked
    5. The photo must not include a frame
    6. Accepted file types are JPG, JPEG or PNG
    Any photos not meeting this criteria will automatically be disregarded.
  • Please read the Terms of Submission before submitting your work to BLUR Magazine. Submission of this form implies your understanding and approval.