Robert Gojević

founder & editor in chief

When you are a person that always needs to do something creative, and on top of that are a professional painter, photographer, graphic and web designer, you are dealing with thoughts and attempts to create something new and different on a daily basis.

However, what you mostly ‘produce’ is a bunch of unconnected work that doesn’t co-exist and is completely independent. In order to create a magazine, different from what you can find on the market, besides clear vision and creativity you must also possess ambition, be very organized and structured but also a bit crazy, especially if you are working on a nonprofit project.

On the other side, creating a photography e-magazine without the burden of high financial costs, such as printing and distribution fees, means freedom and guarantees satisfaction as you can entirely devote yourself to authors and their artistic work. It was this unbelievable feeling of freedom that gave me the inspiration and impulse to create a magazine that I would like to see on the market and immediately buy it.

After 2 years working on Bulb magazine, I could feel how satisfaction grew with every new issue. But it is now, after the first BLUR issue, when I can say that I believe I am on a good track, as it is always the most difficult to primarily satisfy myself.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

Ivan Pekarik

executive editor & devops


Michael Kirchoff


Maurício Sapata


Michael McAllister


Adrian Goll