Issue 48

April / May 2016

Cover photo: Hannes Caspar
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Pages: 225

CLOSE-UP | Hannes Caspar, Germany
 | Anemites (Luciana Rodriguez), Argentina
 | Vjeran Hrpka, Croatia
 | Claude Peschel Dutombe, Thailand/Germany
| Michelle Bates, USA
 | Kenneth Leishman, USA
| Ian Van Coller, Usa/South Africa
OPEN | Louis Little, United Kingdom

The Photographic Nude 2016
The Photographic Nude Exhibit explores the artistic and creative view of the body and its form, celebrating the nude in photography by embracing a variety of styles.

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BLUR no. 48

April / May 2016

It is difficult to say something clever when all of us are filled with spring madness. Nature is waking up, everything is blooming. It’s hard to ignore the optimism in the head. I’m not sure whether that feeling can be captured with a photograph, and I do not think that even landscapes would help. It is better to enjoy the outdoors in nature. And if you have to spend time by a monitor, then at least we should be looking at nudes. Fortunately, in this issue there are really a lot of them.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief


Hannes Caspar, Germany


“I always appreciate and feel flattered when somebody is interested in my work. I never will get tired of it. And, of course, it’s a good motivation to keep on working as a photographer. Even if you’re successful in your job, there are some moments of self-doubt. Most people don’t know this from outside and are given to idealizing everything you do.“


Anemites (Luciana Rodriguez), Argentina


“It is a journey into an intense and dark, matted whirlwind, perhaps looking for compassion or empathy.”


Vjeran Hrpka, Croatia


“My experience of war and all the power of emotions resulting from it have forced me to re-question the cause-effect relations of the war for many years, and I realized that it was necessary to confront the past in a completely different way. It was necessary to go back to the origin of the event and re-arrange, image by image, a new, much more realistic form of emotional state on that map of memories.“


Claude Peschel Dutombe, Thailand/Germany


“To be clear, this body of work is in no way an attempt to explain any aspect of Buddhism. There would be so much more to say and too many things left out. Today’s Buddhist practices have evolved in many different schools of thought, and if my pictures would spark a doctrinal discussion about Buddhist beliefs, I would welcome that, but my initial intentions have been far less serious than that. This is the telling of a personal story about the surprise and culture shock I went through finding myself thrown into a completely unexpected, surreal world that recreates a fantastical journey into the unknown spheres of possible or impossible afterlife.”


Michelle Bates, USA


“The Holga camera has been my muse since 1991. My artistic vision has developed with the Holga as my main window to the world, and I try to apply it not just to the fun and quirky subjects that Holgas are so good at capturing, but to other, perhaps less obvious, ones as well. Over the past 10 years, I’ve loved the opportunity to share the world of plastic cameras with many others through talks, workshops, and my book “Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity.”


Kenneth Leishman, USA


“The inspiration is always the landscape. When I look and see the colors change, the sound of the wind, the flow of the river, the smell of the sea, when I hear all of that, I feel at peace and fully connected to the land. So I will just sit and stare for hours within a daydream and then it just clicks and I see what I want. The pinhole camera is just perfect for that because it gives what I feel is the look of a dream.”


Ian Van Coller, USA / South Africa


“My images of Icelandic glaciers are also a metaphor for anatomy and decay. The dirt cones left behind by glacial melt, aged counterparts of the gravelly striations visible within clefts, mimic human anatomy in their shape. Both the fissures and the cones reveal a gritty beauty and fragility as the glaciers retreat, and more of their interiors begin to decompose.“


Louis Little, UK


“Mixed colors. That slightly soft focus. Of course, many of them entered the dud pile. Overexposed. Blue blobs of something-or-other. I wanted to create something out of nothing. I took four and put them in the toaster. “Pop-tart Polaroids” I called them. They were a little bit of fun.“


Photographic Nude 2016, USA


The Photographic Nude Exhibit explores the artistic and creative view of the body and its form, celebrating the nude in photography by embracing a variety of styles. We welcome the timeless elegance of a classical study as well as alternative & provocative styles.


Various authors

BLUR Issue 25

March / April / May 2012
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