Issue 53

February/March 2017

Cover photo: Mont Sherar
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Pages: 240

Featured artists:
Mont Sherar, Denmark
Carol Golemboski, United States
Kai Nagayama, Japan
Paul Giggle, Australia
Ian and Erick Regnard, Australia
Xavier Rey , France
Markus Kaesler, Germany
Alessandro Risuleo, Italy
Brigitte Carnochan, United States
Gillian Hyland, Ireland
Jamie Templeton, United States
Emel Karakozak, Turkey

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BLUR no. 53

February / March 2017

The days I wonder, the nights I ponder, and time is running out

I saw restrictions of mortal lifespan, and hurled the lance beyond

The stone that’s bleeding, the rock that’s breathing, the war that’s in our blood

Rapid formations, and celebrations, my Universe shall march

Through love of a labor, one law to follow, until the day is done

We take our places amongst the mortals, but soon the day is done

Killing JokeTwilight Of The Mortal

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief




Once the internet came to town, life as we know it would change forever, mostly for the worse as far as I’m concerned. Actually there is one photograph taken with an analog camera in ‘’Twilight of the Mortals’’ and it is in fact the photo I consider to be my ‘best one ever.’ It was also the first one I ever took of Jaz Coleman in 1989 and taken with a cheap, $7 disposable camera. Proof positive that it is not the camera or technology that makes a great photo, but the content itself and the way it is composed. Its why I dont feel the right to call myself a ‘photographer’ because I’ve never taken a better photo than the first one I ever took.”  


United States


Psychometry is a series of black and white photographs exploring issues relating to anxiety, loss, and existential doubt. The term refers to the pseudo-science of “object reading,” the purported psychic ability to divine the history of objects through physical contact. Like amateur psychometrists, viewers are invited to interpret arrangements of tarnished and weathered objects, relying on the talismanic powers inherent in the vestiges of human presence. These images suggest a world in which ordinary belongings transcend their material nature to evoke the elusive presence of the past.”




“This series, which I call Bandage Portrait, explores the state of emotional destruction and resilience. It is so easy to be ignorant of your own feelings, even though you are aware of them. I believe that every person (or most, at least) has their own stories that force out strong feelings. I wanted to photograph this to show how beautiful those emotions are and that it is okay to express them. I have photographed six of my friends for this series, and as I was listening to the story of each person, I was inspired to see how strong and resilient they are and that, otherwise, I would never have discovered these sides of my friends, sides they usually never show.”




„12 Natural Wonders is an art series by British photographer Paul Giggle. This is the fifth in the series of calendars and art prints. Each year Paul travels to a different country and selects 12 models to be part of these stunning pictures. This year, in the UK, he chose a more street style in black and white to capture the iconic backdrops for each photograph. He has completed work for the series in Australia, Brazil, Italy, Russia, and the UK.“




„In 2005, a friend suggested that we go to an island in the Pacific to shoot Humpback whales, where you can see 60 to 100 meters underwater. So we thought that it would be great to shoot those big mammals with large format film. Although it sounded crazy, we decided to also have a nude woman swimming underwater while shooting. Little did we know that this had never been done before!“




““The imaginary how, or ends the zone of sharpness” In this series, the photographer wishes to translate his vision of the world in which he lives: One made of nuances, zones of blur, where nothing is totally predictable. This photographic approach allows the viewer to tap into his life story, into his imagination, and give meaning to the omnipresent blur found within this series.”




“The texture of the material creates in interaction with light spaces that seem to be free of geographical determinants. Photographs emerge that may not be geographically located, and, through the absence of any cultural affiliation, contain the freedom to be viewed without prejudices. How do we expect a certain place to look? Are we irritated if we discover that our first imagination was wrong? The actual origin of the image loses importance and we are forced to ask ourselves: What happens if we cannot distinguish the known and the unknown anymore? (The images in the selection are made in many different parts of the world: Madagascar, Israel, Lithuania, Brazil, Cuba, Spain, and Switzerland.)”  




“Bodies as canvas. It’s a research into how the second picture (the tattoo) changes when it is represented on a material (the body) that expands in three dimensions. Lights and shadows draw new figures.”


United States


„Some years ago I found a shoebox full of love letters dated 1929-32 from George Daniels to Edna Josephine MacInnis. The letters, all from George, trace the story of two young people introduced by mutual friends. They begin seeing each other for walks, they go bowling, they have dinner with friends. They fall in love. They have doubts. They write each other at least once every day. Two years later, after “the thrill of a kiss on Terrace Hill,” and a letter he signed, “xoxoxo with every expression of love ever thought of,” they elope. In this series I use photos of my imagined Ednas to respond to excerpts from the letters that I believe she might have singled out. She was a modern woman. She smoked and wore make-up (which George worries about telling his mother), she loved to dance, she voiced her romantic expectations, she wanted a career. There is nothing momentous about their story—one of the reasons I found it so compelling.“




„The photographs are part of an ongoing project called “Words in Sight.” The narrative series is inspired by poetry I’ve written over the past decade. The pictures are a new perspective on past events. The composition of each image suggests a larger narrative within a single moment, with the emotional expression at its core.“


United States


„This series explores one small and intimate part of the workday, the few moments of rest before or after work. That precious moment of time where we give in to sleep when we are trapped between our work life and our home life. Eyes closed, arms folded across the chest or cradling a backpack, sometimes guarded and fighting the urge to sleep, other times giving in completely, surrendering to vinyl bench seats. My hope for them is that they dream. That they enter an alternative to the daily ritual, breaking the cycle.“




„Woman is a being through which man feels connected to nature, as woman is very similar to nature in her birth-giving and life-blooming characteristics. That is why many languages use the term “mother nature” when referring to nature. Since she is the bridge between life and man, and forgiveness despite all. She is able to recreate herself, and that is the source of her characteristics. Woman not only brings the miracle of birth, but also has the ability to reconstitute herself spiritually. And she fulfills this by putting herself into the center. And yet, “Budding,” the exhibition by Emel Karakozak depicts these characteristics of woman using all the aesthetic and composition figures of photography. Though the word “budding” reminds us of the “body” in English, it means reproduction, to regain life, the regeneration of a cell. Just like the photography of Karakozak …“


Various authors

BLUR Issue 53

February / March 2017
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