Issue 54

April / May 2017

Cover photo: Barbara Hazen
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Pages: 230

Featured artists:
Antigone Kourakou, Greece
Clay Lipsky, United States
Gillian Hyland, Ireland
Jad Oakes, U.K.
Yoko Naito, Germany/Japan
S.Gayle Stevens, United States
Jim Riche, United States
Olga Rook, Netherlands

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BLUR no. 54

April / May 2017

Spring is definitely my favorite season. People are finally taking the heavy warm clothing off, and it’s an ideal time for nudes. That’s why we, in this issue of BLUR magazine, have prepared a few more photos of nudes than we usually do, to the delight of our male and female readers. There is no big philosophy here: go outdoors, take photographs of nature or nudes, or nudes in nature. Just let it all hang out!

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief




  “Looking at Antigone Kourakou’s photographs, one fully perceives the suggestive range of photographic abstraction. Although there is scarce visual information that connects the pictures with the real scenes, the situations, and the events they were born out of, the photographs imperatively call for our interpretation. They expect us to bring the ghosts back to reality, to rationalize the impossibilities they depict. The challenge is unrelenting, recurring and invariably leading to a dead end. And it is exactly this inability to explain them which lends them the poetic dimension that marks Kourakou’s work. In her photographs, even when depiction is complete, the intention to photograph this or the other subject remains unfathomable.  Nevertheless, details of faces, remote figures, landscapes or indoor spaces shot from different angles are assimilated into a concrete form of photographic approach.”


United States


“The photo series “Illuminated” intertwines two enduring creative inspirations, landscapes and the female form. The resulting images seek to relate and elevate the timeless allure of both. Thoughts of Mother Nature personified emerge as well as those of an illuminated human spirit. Together the photos begin to tell a story, one that is left to the viewer to decipher. Created by double exposing vintage Polaroid film, a unique process and classic medium that seemed ideal to capture the natural beauty and brilliance of each. The unmanipulated exposures are one-of-a-kind and bathed in the same organic, sun-kissed energy as the subjects”




“My creative process has always involved narratives as the basis of the photo. My aim has been to capture an emotional moment in a way that pulls the viewer in and drives them to feel and question what they are seeing. Until recently I’ve drawn inspiration from my own personal experiences, but earlier this year I decided to travel to Cuba to do a photo project.”  




„Shot through an inverted anamorphic lens, this series of portraits documents a small group of re-enactors produced over three days during the 2015 War and Peace Revival in Folkestone, UK. In the same way these re-enactors wish to connect with a time not of their own experience, the work is an attempt to bring me closer to a world not mine and to help understand my uneasy fascination with war.“




This project indicates the change of the environment with the human. The seascape in summer is full of cheerful people under the bright sunlight. Conversely, the cold and silent winter seascape covered with snow exists such as the unbeknown beach.   This contrast of the seascape depicts the outward change in the same environment. The change of environment is related to the human emotion and conduct. This relationship repeats every season as the universal phenomenon. I capture the unexpectedness in the same environment as well as the similarity with the different environment.”




“Allegory consists of a series of wet plate collodion tintype photogenic drawings of plant, animal specimens, and detritus I have collected on walks. This series is inspired by “cabinets of curiosity,” natural history collections from the 17th century and the precursor of museums. The original meaning of “cabinet” was a small room; these rooms housed collections of plants, preserved animals and minerals.”




“Urban Abstracts was produced over the last two years. I use my camera as a design tool, using the composition as a designer would a page. I work with early morning light and capture the light, shadows, space, and textures that architecture shows me working only in black and white. I find the designs that the architect may not have realized they were creating and use the light and shadow to emphasis it. These images are from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.”




“Medievalist by education, I was used to being mentally present in different realities simultaneously. This approach inspired my “Portals” series, a walk through a labyrinth of imagined realities, space and time dislocations. Entryways to other universes appear as we invent and invite them.”

The Photographic Nude 2017

LightBox Photographic Gallery


The Photographic Nude is a juried exhibit exploring the artistic and creative view of the body and its form, celebrating the nude in photography by embracing a variety of styles. We welcome the timeless elegance of a classical study as well as alternative and provocative styles. Studies of the whole or partial human form, nude or semi-nude are eligible.


We are honored and excited to have Kim Weston as juror.


“I find it a great challenge to jury other photographers’ work. Influenced by the classical nude study, I always keep an open mind while I am jurying a show. My objective was not only to pick what I saw as the strongest images, but also what the overall show would look like, which is a difficult task. There were many wonderful photographs to choose from and I thank everyone for participating. I think the show has a wonderful diversity of work and inspiring examples of the nude figure.” ~ Kim Weston


Various authors

BLUR Issue 54

April / May 2017
  1. Adeolu Osibodu| Nigeria | http://flickr.com/photos/adeoluosibodu 
  2. Alex Loan | USA
  3. Alona Vinogradova| United Kingdom | http://www.alonav.com/ 
  4. Castro Frank| USA| http://castrofrank.com/ 
  5. Claire Thorington | USA| http://www.clairethorington.com 
  6. Aurelija Karaliunaite | Lithuania | http://www.karaliunaite.com
  7. Delissa McWilliams| United Kingdom| http://www.delissamcwilliams.com 
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  9. Francesco Carucci | USA | http://photo.carucci.org 
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  11. Grainne Thorpe | United States | http://grainneimages.zenfolio.com/
  12. James Chiello | United States | http://www.headshotevolution.com
  13. Jerel Baptiste | Trinidad and Tobago | http://www.tlittlet.com/
  14. Julie Laval | Belgium | https://www.instagram.com/julie.laval
  15. Jovana Mishkoska | Macedonia | https://www.facebook.com/light.recorded
  16. Kevin Oconnell | United States | http://www.kogalleries.com
  17. Kyle Stapish | USA | https://www.facebook.com/kylestapishphotography  
  18. Laina Mcwhorter | United States | https://www.lainamcwhorter.com
  19. Michael Kelly-DeWitt | USA | https://www.michaelkellydewitt.net
  20. Mario Mitas | Cyprus
  21. Plaquette-Méline Haud| France | http://www.haudplaquette-meline.com  
  22. Mary Dimitropoulou | Hong Kong | http://www.eyeem.com/marydimitropoulou  
  23. Samuel Henderson | USA | http://www.samuelhendersonphotography.com
  24. Sterling Batson | United States | http://sterling.nyc